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EP streamer, seabass and tarpon variety

Posted on 6 September 2012 by Vincent

Fishing EP flies need no introduction, it’s lifelike appearance in the water, it’s water shedding ability and near weightlessness in the water makes it an irresistible fly for predators all of sorts. It’s great on exotic predators like tarpon, jacks and cuda’s but here in the Lowlands they are superb on our beloved pike, seabass, asp and many others. The tying however seems to be more of a problem for many anglers and thus it’s value is underestimated by many.

By: Brian Elward

It’s the tying and mainly cutting that is so important and what makes it so effective. Keep the fibres light and short, always leave the hairs around the shank shorter than the hook point in order not to foul up during casting.

Few important tips: never overuse the flash, EP fibers are very translucent in the water and to much flash will light up your streamer like a Christmas tree. The use of EP eyes, over 3d or flat eyes, has the extra bonus a little bit more weight. So it makes a slight jigging motion whilst retrieving and it helps breaks the waterfilm easier.

Practice makes perfect and the use of a long sharp scissor and a short sharp pointy one is a must.

Materials used

5 Responses to EP streamer, seabass and tarpon variety

  1. on 7 September 2012 at 13:36 Cornelis said:

    Finaly a good step-by-step movie for tying these….

    thnx. Brian.


  2. on 23 September 2012 at 15:06 Snakedoctor said:

    Always wanted to know how to tie a EP. Great stuff.

  3. on 3 November 2012 at 16:21 pol said:

    Realy good movie how to create the ep streamer Thanx

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  5. on 16 January 2017 at 22:30 Ludo Van Roy said:

    Super tying! I’m a professional barber so this is just up my street. 😉 Thanks!

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