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A little bit about seabass


It has has been a little quiet around here. Work, fishing and some other boring stuff kept me from writing more. So I would like to make it up to you guys and gals by writing a little bit about bass. European Seabass to be precise. Read more >>


Danish sea trout sessions


3 Weeks ago I got a message on Facebook from Brian, telling me he got a week off from work and he wanted to go fishing. I checked my agenda and I could squeeze in a week of fishing too. Where to go? Maybe the Danish island Fyn, go after some sea trout? For me that would be a first, never fished there. Fished for sea trout on other places, but never in Denmark. So, let’s go!


Rusty Jig Nymph

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When fishing for grayling last week I noticed some empty spots in my nymph box. Time to fill those gaps with some killer flies. In this video I’ll tie the Rusty Jig Nymph.


Big mama pike


Since a couple of years it has become a tradition to go pike fishing in the winter with some buddies of mine from Dyckers. Last times we went pike fishing in our polders around Utrecht. Now we wanted to go for something bigger… Big mamas! Big mama pike that is…

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You can choose any color of the string you want

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And you have two RB1 in Morris/Rice

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xzaver comments on how to fix boot loop without losing data

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Making hygge can be challenging replica bags china for a non

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Fake Designer Bags asic warns on dodgy advice Fake Designer Bags

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