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And Russia was reliant on German hard currency

Posted on 23 June 2014 by Vincent

buy canada goose jacket cheap hermanos comments on WH doesn’t blame Russia for nerve agent attack

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buy canada goose jacket Do not use “BREAKING” or ALL CAPS canada goose store in titles. Then maybe some conservatives will really start to question who are allies are and where this country is headed. It will go from, eh Russia isn that bad and who cares what they do, to I support Russia over the country we originated from.

Edit: I hate to say it, but if the US and Russia keep going this way, I afraid this could lead to war. Russia is turning into Germany before WW2. Russia is pushing the world buttons and getting away with it with little punishment. Sooner or later, someone will need to tell Russia to stop because obviously they are canada goose not only not stopping, but getting more bold. We need a country to blatantly and strongly tell Russia to fuck off and cut this out. Imagine if north korea was doing this. China, South Korea, and the US would drastically impose sanctions. Not here. Not with Russia. Some definitely has to happen soon and I am really scared for canada goose black friday sale the US. Canada Goose Coats On Sale There are cheap canada goose uk gas pipelines that go from Russia to Germany, and there is a money pipeline that goes from Germany to canada goose coats Russia. All through the Cold War, those pipelines never stopped flowing. They couldn’t stop flowing. Germany didn’t have a Plan B. Germany was reliant on Russian gas. And Russia was reliant on German hard currency. canada goose uk outlet That was identified as a strategic vulnerability a long time ago, and steps were taken to have a Plan B, in case of anything that might interrupt the supply, be it terrorists or natural disaster or Canada Goose Online whatever. So the world built up a compressed natural gas infrastructure that could fill in if it came to that. Compression facilities were built in Louisiana and Texas and Australia and Qatr, off load terminals were built in Europe, and a whole shit load of LNG ships were built. Most of that stuff is just sitting in moth balls right now. Russian gas is cheaper. buy canada goose jacket cheap But there is an alternative now. It could all be up and running in a matter of weeks. W. Bush envisioned it, and all the while Clinton and W. and Obama were acting on it. But it’s not a plan any more. It’s a reality. I suppose that Trump could forbid Louisiana or Texas export gas to Germany, but he has no say over Australia or Qatar or where the ships unload. Russia had Germany by the balls for decades, but Plan B has loosened the grip substantially. They still have a fair bit of a grip. Moving to LNG would hit the German Canada Goose Outlet economy fairly substantially. canada goose uk shop But it would be survivable. Energy in general is an ever diminishing component of value created. This never gets reported in our propaganda media but world polls have shown for decades and decades that the international community, as in hundreds of the nations, rank the USA 1 or 2(usually 2) as the biggest threat to peace. The obama administration(though it’s nothing unique to him) supported 73% of the worlds dictators with direct military aid. The CIA has overthrown 7 canada goose coats on sale democratic governments, that’s 7 confirmed there may be more. The CIA, by their own admission, has meddled in democratic canadian goose jacket elections 73 times, again it’s almost assuredly more. We are the evil. Our canada goose uk black friday evil is by far the greatest and it’s not even close. I know this sounds hyperbolic but we claim to fight terrorism while we are the true terror.

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