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And some more Seabass

Posted on 5 September 2012 by Vincent

We are still searching for new hotspots for seabass. That’s why we went on another trip last week, to find some new spots.

Fasten your seat belts! Time for some new spots!

This time we took our bellyboats with us, and we made our first try in a small bay near the opening to the North Sea. While fishing there we felt like an attraction. All the tourist where looking at us, because they have probably never seen four guys fishing from a bellyboat. It looks a little strange to most people. After casting half an hour, Philip was halfway England with his bellyboat. Suddenly Ricardo gets his first decent strike of the day. His rod immediately bent like a m*therf*cker! A big fish for sure, it was taking line aggressively. After a short time the line went slack and the big fish was gone… Damn it! That could have been the big pig!

After a while we were thinking about hitting our next spot, because there was no action. Suddenly Boy laughed and told us he had a fish on. A little one.

Almost Boy’s personal record 😉

Time to check out another spot.

Boy casting for another trophy fish

We immediately see a lot of action. Sadly it’s mostly mullet. Stupid fish… We couldn’t catch ’em! Luckily there were also some bass present.

My first small bass for the day

The bass was released back into it’s own environment

Short after my fish, Ricardo also caught a bass.

Ricardo with a nice seabass

This fish is also swimming in the sea again

Catch & release fishing:

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