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ASP Streamer 2.0

Posted on 2 August 2012 by Vincent

Aspius aspius, better know as ASP’s, are one hell of a fish to fish for. We love them! We’ve posted a nice pattern for ASP’s in the past. Now, I’ve come up with a new pattern. It’s easier to tie, and it catches a lot of fish!

ASP’s are predatory fish. They feed on small fry. Late in the season (sept-okt) they are occasionally caught on big streamers, but usually we catch ’em on small streamers. After a couple of years of catching ASP’s, we’ve found that very small fry patterns usually work best.

ASP fishing can be really exciting, because of the hard takes of this fish. Sometimes it’s like an explosion in the water near your fly. They hit it really hard! We fish ’em usually with 8-weight rods and floating lines, as they feed in the surface a lot near strong currents, where small fry are caught in the current.

Over here at 0031flyfishing we like to fish with EP (Enrico Puglesi) materials in our streamers. This material makes for a semi-realistic look, and it’s pretty easy to tie with. We use this material for pike streamers, saltwater patterns, and off course, ASP streamers!

Materials used

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