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Barrios Shrimp

Posted on 30 August 2012 by Vincent

Brian Elward has tied a couple of great flies in front of our camera. This week it’s one of his favorite tarpon flies for fishing the mangroves: The Barrios Shrimp!

In the protective surroundings of the mangroves and estuaries shrimp seek shelter and food. They thrive between the roots and are washed out via rivers into the sea. Easy pickings for predators such as tarpon and snook who feed on them heavily. Especially in river mouths. Many shrimp patterns can be found on the internet but good bouyant and intermediate flies are hard to come by because of the heavy bite tippets.

This fly has it’s roots in Puerto Rico. An innovative and excellent tarpon fisherman Orlando Barrios first posted some pictures of this shrimp. This fly has proven it’s succes over and over again. The way it pulsates through the water just beneath the surface will entice many tarpon to come and brake the surface. A must have in a tarpon box next to the EP streamer and the toad and a first tie on for backcountry waters.

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