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Black Cruncher Variant

Posted on 22 November 2012 by Vincent

Reservoir fishing in wintertime can be tough. There are however almost all year round some midges hatching. Time to take a closer look at these midges…

Most midges that are hatching in wintertime are small and dark. Even when it’s freezing these midges can hatch during certain circumstances. When there’s no wind you can see them hatching on the surface.

Trout love these things in wintertime. They take almost no energy to feed on, and they can be abundant! Perfect trout food!

Good flies for these hatches can be dry fly midges, or emergers. But sometimes you’ll see midges hatching, but you don’t see any surface activity. That’s wen you’ll need to go sub-surface!

A perfect fly for sub-surface is a small cruncher! I simply love these flies. I fish them on an intermediate or slow sinking line. Sometimes even on a heavy Di7 sinking line when the fish are really deep. Sometimes I let it hang for several seconds, and sometimes I keep retrieving this fly. Key is not to bore the fish with the same retrieve (like I explained in the LSMF-Streamer pattern). To try variate your retrieve, and change depth if you don’t get any takes.

Try to tie this fly in very small (16-18) sizes. For demonstration purposes I’ve tied it on a #12 hook, but usually I’ll use a smaller hook.

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  1. on 29 December 2012 at 18:35 Ronald said:

    Still had a little trouble with the dubbing. First tried to build it on a size 12, it came out ok. Next i made a size 16. Came out even better 🙂

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