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Carp Beatle

Posted on 27 July 2010 by Vincent

Flyfishing for carp, it’s becoming more and more popular. We’ve written about it in the past. One of my favourite ways fishing for carp is with a dry fly. My favourite dryfly for carp is definately my Carp Beatle. It’s a killer!

The trick in creating a durable carp dry fly is to use mainly synthetic meterials. These synthetic materials don’t soak up all the slime from the carp’s mouth. If you use a lot of dubbing and feathers, the materials will soak up all the dirty stuff… you don’t want that in a dry fly! If you want to make sure the fly floats, even after catching several carp, you are bound to using synthetics such as closed-cell foam. It’s a material wich is hard to sink when tied correctly.

Give this fly a go! Tanks for watching.

Materials used

One Response to Carp Beatle

  1. on 20 June 2013 at 17:56 Frank Verhulst said:

    Nice fly,but how to fish it?
    Strip slowly towards the carp ?

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