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Chernobyl Ant

Posted on 14 November 2010 by Vincent

Time for a new fly. I’ve tied a somewhat strange fly. It’s the Chernobyl Ant. This is a very succesful “dry fly”, or better, terrestrial. The main material is foam, so it’s a good floater!

This fly is orriginally designed to fish for trout in North- and -South America, and it’s supposed to immitate a large hopper, beatle or a big dragonfly. It can actually immitate a lot of larger terrestrials. Somehow this fly catches fish everywhere! You can fish it on a dead drift in a river as a big dry fly, or you can fish it in a reservoir like a popper, retrieving the fly to give it some action. For me, on reservoirs, it gave the best result when there’s a little riffle on the water. Trout really go mad for it! Because of the good floatability you can use this fly is an indicator as well.

The orriginal pattern uses thicker legs, but I prefer the thinner ones, because they have more movement in them. If you don’t like to see the hook shank underneath, you can choose to pierce the bottom foam piece on your hook, and tie it underneath.

Also, get creative, and change the colours. Just make sure the indicators on top give you a good contrast, to ensure a good visability.


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