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Daddy Longlegs (cranefly)

Posted on 27 September 2012 by Vincent

Spring and autumn are typically times when the Daddy Longlegs (or cranefly) start coming out. These larvae live on land (although there are some aquatic subspecies), but adult cranefly are bad fliers ofter fly near lakes and get blown into the water. Therefore they are an easy target for a lot of trout.

In our favorite trout lake “De Ronde Bleek” these cranefly are very common. That’s why this fly has become my favorite spring/autumn dry fly.

One thing that stands out immediately from these flies, is their very long and thin abdomen. That’s where extended bodies come in. You can use thin foam, but I like to use deer hair. Long deer hair that is. Because of it’s buoyancy it floats like a cork.

Be sure to stack the deer hair before you use it on the abdomen. Also, right after you tie the deer hair in, press it with your fingers to push it around the needle. You will need some kind of smooth tying thread, just like the G.S.P. thread, this makes sure you can slide the body off afterwards. That’s very hard with normal tying thread, especially when it’s waxed thread.

The legs are made out of knotted pheasant tail fibers.  You can buy these pre-knotted, but you can of course also knot these yourself by putting one or two overhand knots in one fiber. A pair of small tweezers can come in handy.

The wings are made of grey CDC feathers. Just take a normal CDC feather, and cut it with your scissors on both sides to create a wing.

Materials used:

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