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Danish sea trout sessions

Posted on 9 April 2014 by Vincent

3 Weeks ago I got a message on Facebook from Brian, telling me he got a week off from work and he wanted to go fishing. I checked my agenda and I could squeeze in a week of fishing too. Where to go? Maybe the Danish island Fyn, go after some sea trout? For me that would be a first, never fished there. Fished for sea trout on other places, but never in Denmark. So, let’s go!

Photos by: Brian Elward, Jasper Vos and Vincent Derks

Before we booked a cabin on Fyn, we made sure there was room for more people, because some of our buddies told us they wanted to join us for a couple of days. We booked a cabin for 6 persons, and we started tying flies.

After a foggy 7 hour drive to Fyn, we picked up the key to our cabin, dropped our luggage and started fishing. There was a lot of fog that morning, the visibility was about 20 meters.

Foggy as hell!

Foggy as hell!

After half an hour of casting without any fish, I tied on Kai’s Green Terror ( On my first cast with this strange fly I caught my first (small) Danish sea trout!

First fish of our trip, on a Green Terror!

First fish of our trip, on Kai’s Green Terror! (photo by Brian)

Looking for more fish

Looking for more fish

After that small fish it went quiet again. We found a new spot on the map close-by. The fjord was mostly very shallow, so we had to wade out quite a bit. Brian saw the first splash. There was fish present on this spot. It looked really fishy, and we saw more splashes and even some head-and-tail rises around us. In one or two hours we both caught a couple of fish. Mostly small “Greenlanders” but also a nice 60cm “Descender”.

Wading out

Wading out



Perfect little creatures

Perfect little creatures


Splash!!! (photo by Brian)

Nice 60cm sea trout, biggest one of the trip

Nice 60cm sea trout, biggest one of the trip (photo by Brian)

Looking for fish

Looking for fish (photo by Brian)

We took one fish home to prepare for dinner. A nice porcini risotto with a filet of sea trout.

Porcini risotto, sea trout and a cold beer

Porcini risotto, sea trout and a cold beer (photo by Brian)

The next day we wanted to try some new spots. We knew there were fish present in the fjord we visited the day before, but we wanted to find new spots too. The spots we tried looked empty. It’s very tempting to drive back to the fjord where we caught fish the day before. Still, we wanted to see if we could find new productive spots. But after several hours without any fish, we went back to the fjord. Immediately we saw a fish breaking the surface. I only needed a couple of casts to get my first fish of the day.

The fjord prove us to be productive again

The fjord prove us to be productive again (photo by Brian)

A fish like this is worth smiling for

A fish like this is worth smiling for (photo by Brian)

Brian and I both caught some fish. At least we saved the day, no big fat zero today!

We were curious if there’s more spots in this fjord that hold fish. The 117 fishing spots book (the holy bible of Danish coastal fishing on Fyn) told us there was a productive spot on the opposite side of the fjord. It was a bit of a walk trough the water, but that usually means no other anglers. The Danish Seatrout Open was held during our stay, so it was very crowded on easy accessible spots. We don’t mind a bit of a walk, so we went to the other side of the fjord.

It took me only a couple of casts to get my first take, but I missed it. The next casts the fish hammered the fly, and a good fight followed. My first “skipper”! A lovely 54cm silver sea trout.


Jump! These silver fish put up a good fight! (photo by Brian)

Nice silver fish

Nice silver fish (photo by Brian)

And back again

And back again (photo by Brian)

We both got some more missed takes, but that was it for the day. Dinner time!

The next day we wanted to visit Go Fishing in Odense, what a great store! We got some fresh info, bought some tying materials and I bought a couple of Pattegrisen flies. These flies are probably the most popular sea trout flies in and around Denmark. Personally, I don’t think the flies matter to much in the spring. These trout eat everything that comes in reach. We all caught fish on very different patterns. But still, I wanted to see what all the fuzz was about, and casts a couple of original Pattegrisen flies.

We tried some spots around the Odense fjord. A friend of ours had caught some really nice fish there last year around the same time in spring. We visited several spots, but we couldn’t find any fish. There was that temptation again… Maybe there’s fish in “our own” fjord? Should we visit it again? It’s a long drive back, but we know for sure there’s fish in that fjord. Well… we tried several spots here already without any success, and we have to drive that direction anyway to get home, so what the hell. We drove back to the fjord again.

Again, it prove to be a wise decision. Long story short, Brian caught 5 fish in a row! Luckily I got a fish too, so again, the fjord saved the day!

Brian slamming fish!

Brian slamming fish!



This evening two buddies of ours, Jasper and Edwin would arrive. We looked for a couple of new spots to try. Brian contacted a buddy of his who was here last week. He suggested some good spots for us to try. A long drive and a long walk, but it should be worth it.

A bit of a walk to the new spot

A bit of a walk to the new spot (photo by Brian)

Brian was the one who found the fish first. Edwin followed by missing one shortly after that. Brian also missed another fish that followed his fly.

After fishing to the point of our spot we noticed two spin anglers. Have they fished the whole area just in front of us? Could that explain why we weren’t catching a lot of fish? If an area has been fished thoroughly just before you arrive on a spot, that can definitely change your chances for the worse. After noticing them we went back. We fished the area where Brian caught his fish again. Edwin caught one more fish, Jasper lost a fish in the weeds after fighting it for a while and I missed one or two fish.

Edwin's first fish of the day

Edwin’s first fish of the day, on the orange H20 SF Shrimp (photo by Brian)


Gear! (photo by Brian)

Jasper casting, casting and more casting

Jasper casting, casting and more casting (photo by Brian)

Our buddies had of course heard of our “secret” fjord where we caught most of our fish. So, just a short stop at another spot on the route, and then we drove to the fjord again.

A short stop on another spot. No fish here... Only a lot of other anglers

A short stop on another spot. No fish here… Only a lot of other anglers (photo by Jasper)

The fjord made up to it’s reputation. Edwin caught 4 more fish and I got my fish for the day too. No big ones, but what the hell, again, it saved the day!

Brian went home to do some groceries, and he started to prepare our dinner. Jasper, Edwin and I wanted to try one spot before the sun sets. This was the spot where I caught the first fish of our trip.

I saw a couple of porpoises for the first time in my life. Incredible creatures! Edwin hooked a big fish within a couple of minutes, but he lost it. A couple of casts later a big fish followed his fly. I caught another small fish. After that, it went quiet again. A lovely sunset for taking a couple of very cliché sunset pictures.

Lovely sunset

Lovely sunset (photo by Jasper)

Casting, casting and some more casting!

Cliché pictures, but I still love them!

That evening we came home, and it smelled incredible. Our very own Chef Brian had prepared a great dinner!

Stories about the lost big sea trout and the porpoises where told over dinner, and plans for the next day were made. The plan was to visit our last spot again. There where definitely bigger fish there…

Sander and Henk-Jan also joined us that evening. After some trouble with the German police (some bad-boys they are…) they made it to Denmark. Sander and Henk-Jan made their own plans for the next day.

Shortly after arriving on the spot where we finished the evening before, Brian got a good fish. I rushed toward him to take some pictures. A lovely 57cm “descender” had taken his grey shrimp fly.

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah!

And back it goes

And back it goes

It went quiet again after that fish. Later we heard Jasper had also caught a fish a bit more further down.

Jasper's first ever Danish sea trout

Jasper’s first sea trout of the trip (photo by Jasper)

We wanted to try the same area, but a bit further down towards the tip of the fjord. But the long walk we needed to take kept us from going there. The wind conditions also weren’t perfect. A very strong easterly wind was blowing, and making fishing pretty difficult on some spots.

Looking for new spots

Looking for new spots (photo by Jasper)

We drove to a couple of other spots, but we found these spots were even worse. Back to the same spot, and drive to the tip. The walk wasn’t that bad after all. I caught three smaller fish there.

A lot of greenlanders

A lot of greenlanders (photo by Jasper)

When these things start to happen, you know it's time to head back home

When these things start to happen, you know it’s time to head back home

We drove to our cottage again, and started to make plans for our last fishing day. Sander and Henk-Jan had also caught a couple of fish. For the last day, we made plans to go back to the fjord again. See if there’s some fish present. Henk-Jan and Sander joined Brian and me. Edwin and Jasper made other plans, because they had to drive back home that afternoon.

We only needed a couple of casts before Brian and I got our first fish. From a distance we could also see Sander catching two nice fish. Henk-Jan also missed one or two fish.

Nice fish. Not a strong fight, but a lovely fish

Nice fish. Not a strong fight, but a lovely fish (photo by Brian)

After that it went quiet again. It was the story of our fishing trip. We caught almost all our fish within 10 minutes of fishing on a certain spot. After that it goes quiet.

The wind changed direction a bit, and we looked for a spot where we could fish with the wind in our back. A spot close to our cabin was the chosen spot. After a couple of casts I lost two fish shortly after each other. It turned out my tippet had twisted itself around the dumbbell eyes of my fly. Damnit…

Brian saw a nice weed patch, and started fishing there. Immediately he got a fish. From a distance Henk-Jan and I could see this had to be a good fish. Luckily Sander was around to take some pictures of this beautiful “skipper”. A nice silver fish. Not the longest one of the trip, but definitely the fattest one!

A great skipper for Brian. A well deserved fish!

A great skipper for Brian. A well deserved fish! (photo by Sander)

This would be a perfect fish to end our trip with. Brian decided this wasn’t enough and caught two more fish on that weed patch.

It was a great day to end a great trip with. Can’t wait to go back again. Thanks guys for the great week!

The fly I caught almost all my fish on

Fun fact: I caught all my fish except the very first fish on this fly. I can tell you, after a week of fishing, it looked pretty torn… Here the fly still is in good condition.

7 Responses to Danish sea trout sessions

  1. on 9 April 2014 at 21:11 Ochi said:

    Well done guys!,
    Thnx for sharing.

    My first time on Fyn still has to come.
    After reading this report it’s coming closer 🙂

  2. on 11 April 2014 at 13:20 Hans said:

    He Vinc

    Good job !

    Question, did you try a thermometer and if so, could you confirm a seatrout activity relationship with an onshore wind pushing warmer water layers into the bays ?


    • on 11 April 2014 at 13:54 Vincent said:

      Hi Hans,

      Thanks! No, we didn’t try a thermometer, but we had an offshore wind the whole week. So that theory wouldn’t hold up.


  3. on 18 April 2014 at 18:12 Johan DM said:

    Nice trip and quite some fish !

    It s on my agenda too.

    Thx for the story, makes some good dreaming.


  4. on 23 April 2014 at 12:32 jurgen said:

    Nice trip nice pics,

    only 3 day’s left and where of to go to fyn to for a week,
    Not 100% only fishing but jet as much as possible 🙂

  5. on 30 March 2015 at 16:43 DK said:

    Great Blog – off to DK this weekend…thinking of the blog idea v.s Youtube…

  6. on 8 January 2017 at 17:11 Puneet Bansal said:

    What fly line did you use on your trip??

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