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Down ‘n Dirty – Austrian style

Posted on 8 June 2012 by Vincent

Finally, after hours of work, blood-sweat-and-tears, drowning in Red Bull, drinking too much whisky, only eating pizza’s-shoarma-and-döner, crying ourselves to sleep at night, and lots of nightmares later, our video about our trip to Austria is finished!

We did a trip to the fantastic Bräurup Hotel and their beautiful waters in the Mittersill/Gerlos region.

It’s a video of about 15 minutes, but bear with us trough the whole video, we think it’s worth your time! Enjoy!

5 Responses to Down ‘n Dirty – Austrian style

  1. on 10 June 2012 at 10:08 Henk said:

    Mooie week gehad mannen.

    Super vette vlagzalmen wow.
    Dat vliegtuigje is ook wel leuk,bedacht.

    mooie film geworden.

    gr Henk

  2. on 11 June 2012 at 08:47 jac Verbeek said:

    schitterende opnames.
    Vette visweek gehad, net als ik vorig jaar .
    Herken verschillende plekken.
    Groetjes Jac

  3. on 14 June 2012 at 19:51 OLIO said:

    Hey Boys !
    Great Video ! Great Music !
    But in my opinion the fish at 07:40 could be a
    ” Huchen ” ( Hucho hucho). Do you have a foto ?
    They are very rare in the Salzach. And if it was one you have more than luck. Maybe you could ask the people at the Bräurup.
    If you have a answer. Please let me know the answer. Thak you !
    Greetings from Oliver
    Tirol / Austria

    • on 14 June 2012 at 20:52 Vincent said:

      Hi Oliver!
      Thanks for your comment!
      The fish at 07:40 was a char. I’ve seen Huchen in Slovenia, so I know what they look like, and this one wasn’t a Huchen. But I must say it looked very light colored for a char (lots of fish in the Salzach are lighter than normal). If you look closely you can spot the light yellow and orange spots a char has (huchen has black spots). Also you can see the black and white stripes on the bottom of his fins, also a characteristic of a char.

  4. on 12 October 2012 at 08:17 Jerry said:

    Nice movie you guys, to bad the fish weren’t rising and you bunch had to become dirty arsed nymphers..
    Loved the scenery and the bit you guys done with the remote controlled airplane..

    Keep this site moving because i like what im seeing..

    Jerry from Amsterdam


    Glad you guys used an instrumental on the dr Dre bit…

    Keep on rockin!

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