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Easy as pie…euh popper

Posted on 13 September 2012 by Vincent

A quick and easy to tie Popper when you need large quantaties, fast. Everybody loves poppers, fisherman and fish alike. There is no equal for the sight of a predator slamming a popper in the surface. It’s not always easy to get a fish to take one but when they’re at it you’ll be sorry if you don’t have any ones lying around.

By Brian Elward

These medium size poppers work great on babytarpon, snook, snapper, cuda’s, bass, asp etc.

Make sure you have enough foam to keep the whole fly bouyant, thick bite tippets or steel wires can seriously have a negative effect on the action. Also make sure to keep enough space between the body and the hookpoint.

Remeber: it’s the take and not neccesarily the hook-up that makes fishing these flies so much fun.


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