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Finally Barbel!

Posted on 21 May 2012 by Ricardo

It is flyfishing in what we think, the most beautiful river in the Netherlands. No other river comes close to “the grensmaas” if it comes to flyfishing in the Netherlands.

Shallow waters, beautiful surroundings, wading trough strong currents where you can find those interesting fish called Barbels. This year is quite different compared to other years, spring was late this year so the water level was high for a long time and the water temperature was staying cold too. Very hard conditions to find those barbels, we went a couple of times to check how the river was but it didn’t look fishy yet.

One afternoon it looked more hopeful than before, the water dropped obviously so this was our chance we had been waiting for. We jumped in our waders to give it a shot, the water was still very cold but it finally paid off. All the rides to the river in the last weeks where we get disappointed every time when we saw the water level and could’t fish. This time there was our reward! We found the Barbels, We landed 5 of them, lost many more. A broken rod couldn’t stop us from having fun this afternoon, we finally had a great session.

One day later we returned at the river but as you can guess, the water was high again and the current too powerful to wade trough like all the other times before. Fortunately we had our crazy afternoon yesterday, the pressure was gone now. The perspectives are looking good now, higher temperatures, more sun, less rain. We are keeping an eye on it!

2 Responses to Finally Barbel!

  1. on 11 August 2012 at 14:01 Joop de Vries said:

    Nice barbels, Vincent. Catched near Meers?

    • on 11 August 2012 at 15:37 Vincent said:

      Hi Joop,
      I’d rather not name any specific spots, but yes, it was somewhere near Meers. But you can catch these beauties on the whole Grensmaas.
      Tight lines! Vincent

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