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Finding Dutch chrome and more…

Posted on 2 May 2013 by Vincent

Sea run browns, Dutch chrome! As a fly fisherman, if you think about sea run browns, you don’t think of the Dutch coast immediately. Places like Danmark, Northern Germany, Ireland and Sweden for example sound more familiar when it comes to sea-trout fishing.

There are however, a fair number of sea-trout swimming along the Dutch coastlines. It’s difficult to find them, and you have to put in a lot of hours, but it’s possible to catch ’em on the fly.

One of those crazy people who have put in a lot of time and effort into finding these Dutch chromers, is Brian Elward. I’ve had the opportunity to join him on a day of sea-trout fishing along the Dutch coast.

Brian took me to a couple of different spots. To my surprise these were just some “regular” spots. Some of them I’ve fished before during sea bass season. Some other spots where new to me.

Long story short, we saw one sea-trout during the whole day. The wind was making fishing very difficult on most spots. Fortunately I was the lucky bastard who caught the only fish we saw. An incredible fresh Dutch chromer of 57cm.

I caught the fish on a large shrimp on a floating line.

Thanks Brian for showing me around and for taking the pictures!


Casting into the void

Casting into the void

Finding birds = finding fish

Finding birds = finding fish


Chrome!!! (photo by Brian Elward)

Impressive tail

Impressive tail (photo by Brian Elward)


… (photo by Brian Elward)

A couple of days later, our new Dutch king “Sexy Lexi” was to be crowned. Big party in The Netherlands. But we wanted to go fishing. So we decided to have our party the evening before the crowning, and go fishing with a hangover on Willem’s day ;-).

Our destination: Lake Oostvoorne. We were up for some hard-core fishing. The wind would be a difficult opponent to beat. But we had to make the best of it.

A lot of anglers where complaining about the difficult fishing conditions. There wasn’t any surface activity, so finding the fish was difficult. Luckily we found some fish. The fish were caught on the world-famous Pimp, one fish on a little variant of the “stokje” and one on a black dry fly.

Some pics:

Finding fish on the calm parts of the lake

Finding fish on the calm parts of the lake

Fish on!

Fish on!

Found 'em!

Found ’em!

Caught on a small #16 "stokje"

Caught on a small #16 “stokje”

Dry fly action!

Dry fly action!

I'll be pimpin'

I’ll be pimpin’

The pimp does it again

The pimp does it again, incredible takes on the surface!



Going back

Going back

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