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Floating Stickleback

Posted on 13 December 2012 by Vincent

Fishing on Lake Oostvoorne is a special way of fishing. I’ve never heard of a lake you can compare it to, fishing-wise. Therefore, Lake Oostvoorne needs special ways of fishing, and special flies. One of these flies is the floating stickleback.

Stickleback, a major food source for Lake Oostvoorne trout

Stickleback, a major food source for Lake Oostvoorne trout

Stickleback are very common in Lake Oostvoorne. Trout love to feed on them. As flyfisherman, we’d be stupid not to fish with flies imitating a stickleback. Personally I’ve used the floating flame with decent success on Lake Oostvoorne.

We fish these floating stickleback flies dead-drift on a floating line and a long leader, to imitate a floating dead stickleback. Or we use a heavy sinking line and fish the fly with a moderate retrieve, to imitate a living stickleback. Adjust your leader length to the distance you want to fish your fly from the bottom up.

Last week I was having a talk with my friend Rob, about fishing these flies on a sinking line. Rob is an avid Lake Oostvoorne angler. He was talking about a stickleback fly, with a back made of foam, and a tail from deer hair. The combination of these materials makes sure the fly floats (or rather hovers) horizontally in the water column. If you only use a foam back, you have good chances your fly isn’t floating horizontally, but rather a bit diagonally, because of the weight of the bend of the hook.  To compensate this weight, Rob uses a bit of deer hair as a tail.

Rob thinks, and I recon he could be right, trout target their prey on very subtle details. Especially when trout are picky, and they always are picky on Lake Oostvoorne! A real stickleback doesn’t hover diagonally. It hovers horizontally. Even a dead one probably wouldn’t do that. It would float to the surface, or sink to the bottom. So a diagonally hovering fly would look suspicious to wary trout.

Floating Stickelback

The fly we’ll be creating

So I started to tie a new pattern for next week, inspired by Rob’s advice. I hope it’ll do well next week!

Materials used

2 Responses to Floating Stickleback

  1. on 16 December 2012 at 06:57 berry said:

    Nice fly Vincent,

    I’m gonna ty me some, and try these the 27th of december at the OVM.

    I love the OVM Muddler also.

    With regards Berry

  2. on 31 May 2013 at 23:19 Pim de Haan said:

    nice fly i’m gonna ty some 🙂

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