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Flyfishing Nation & 0031Flyfishing team up at DRB Evening Rise

Posted on 24 September 2012 by Vincent

Last weekend De Ronde Bleek organized an event called “The Evening Rise”. It means fishing from 6PM till you sleep in your bellyboat, and rise and shine at sunrise to fish the morning rise. We were looking for some partners in crime, so we beamed the 0031flyfishing logo into the air. This signal was immediately picked up by the dudes of Flyfishing Nation. Ivan, Paulo and Stephan joined us for the session. Also some cool dudes from Belgium were game.

Philip and I couldn’t wait to get started, so we went early. By 4PM we were already ready to go fishing, with our bellyboats already pumped up in the back of the trout mobile. The guys from FFN beat us, they were already dressed and building up their gear. After a quick cup of coffee with Jan (the owner), we rushed ourselves to the lake to fish for some big ass trout.

When we jumped in the lake we immediately saw a lot of surface activity. Rising fish everywhere! So we sticked to the game plan and tied some nasty dry fly bugs on the end of our tippet. We immediately got into action.

Immediately some surface action

Dry fly action!

Later that evening they refused to take our dry flies, so I took out the V32. The trout immediately attacked the fly. It resulted in some nice trout.

The V32 worked like a charm

Stephan tying on another fly (photo credit: Flyfishing Nation)

When it got all dark we switched to streamers and blobs.

Big zonker streamers were working at night

After a cup of coffee to keep it sain throughout the night, Philip walked out and said he was going to catch a wiper. These fish were stocked in the lake last year, but since then only 7 wipers were caught. Philip got some inside information about where the wipers were last seen, and he immediately went fishing on that spot. Shortly after that he got a nice take. After a couple of seconds he lost the fish. A couple of casts later he got another take, and the fight was on. A strong run followed. This was a big fish. The fish made several runs towards the horizon. And then suddenly, the fish came to the surface and Philip could see the black stripes on the side of the fish.

I was on the other side of the lake, and I could hear Philip shouting: “I’ve got a wiper!”. I took my camera and rushed to Philip’s spot to take some photo’s. It was a very nice wiper.

Philip’s wiper. He jizzed in his wader after seeing this fish! This is how we jizz.

Bass happy meal, EP streamer

After this bass it was time for the after party. It’s always wise to bring some Belgian dudes, they always make sure there’s enough beer and food.

Ivan with his cheese specialties

Philip still jizzing after his wiper

Fly fishing nation in da house, feat 0031Flyfishing caps

Our headquarters for the night, Stephan and Paulo slept on a carp mat all night (photo credit: Flyfishing Nation)

FFN ft. 0031Flyfishing (photo credit: Flyfishing Nation)

We need a bigger boat

Philip bending his rod, bend or break!

One of the last fish of the weekend

We had a blast last weekend, looking forward to our next adventure!

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  1. on 25 September 2012 at 05:53 bobo said:

    Happy dayz ! Flip And striper awesome

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