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Green tarpon toad a.k.a. Green cookie

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Anyone who has ever fish for tarpon with a flyrod, or just anyone who has some interest in tarpon fly fishing, has probably seen or at least heard of the dvd “Chasing Silver – A tarpon journey”. One of the main characters in this dvd and the writer of the tarpon fly fishing bible “A passion for tarpon” is Andy Mill. It’s fair to say he is a tarpon legend. Read more >>

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Floating flame

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A quick tie this time. This pattern is very effective where fish are slamming very small baitfish/fry. Very often predatory fish swim trough schools of fry to numb them. The result is some of the fly floating to the surface. After that the fish can take the fry from the surface without worrying about them swimming away.


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El Pequeño


Everyone has probably often heard someone say: “Small flies catch the biggest fish!” Especially when fishing for spooky fish that can be really true. When I fish on rivers where multiple flies are allowed, I almost always fish with a very tiny fly as a point fly. Read more >>

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Everyone has their own favorite fly. Most of us even have a couple of favorite flies. Some flies simply catch a lot of fish in a lot of different circumstances. When it comes to nymphs my favorite fly is without a doubt the Simon Templer Nymph. When fishing for active trout in lakes and reservoirs I have a different favorite fly. It’s kind of a wet fly. My friends call it the Vincent’s 32. On our “home” trout water “De Ronde Bleek” this fly has accounted for several hundreds of big trout.


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The Klinkhamer Special

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Hans van Klinken’s Klinkhåmer Special is my go-to dryfly for faster water. I don’t think this fly needs any introduction, over the past few years it has become notorious! However, most people tie this fly the wrong way. Even most flyshops who sell this fly, sell a different fly Read more >>

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Barbus barbus

Posted on 15-03-2014<- 3 Comments

First barbs of 2014 have tasted our flies!

First 2014 barbel!

Ricardo spotting the barbels

Sometimes there’s the odd by-catch… This one is a Gibel Carp or sometimes called Prussian Carp. Funny fish…

First spring days

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Finally, some nice spring days here in the Netherlands. For us it meant looking for bows on Lake Oostvoorne. Very difficult day. The wind even made it a bit chilly. Luckily we found some fish after all.

first-spring-days-ovm-1 first-spring-days-ovm-2

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