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Easy as pie…euh popper

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A quick and easy to tie Popper when you need large quantaties, fast. Everybody loves poppers, fisherman and fish alike. There is no equal for the sight of a predator slamming a popper in the surface. It’s not always easy to get a fish to take one but when they’re at it you’ll be sorry if you don’t have any ones lying around. Read more >>

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Chernobyl Ant

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Time for a new fly. I’ve tied a somewhat strange fly. It’s the Chernobyl Ant. This is a very succesful “dry fly”, or better, terrestrial. The main material is foam, so it’s a good floater!


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Barbus barbus

Posted on 15-03-2014<- 3 Comments

First barbs of 2014 have tasted our flies!

First 2014 barbel!

Ricardo spotting the barbels

Sometimes there’s the odd by-catch… This one is a Gibel Carp or sometimes called Prussian Carp. Funny fish…

First spring days

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Finally, some nice spring days here in the Netherlands. For us it meant looking for bows on Lake Oostvoorne. Very difficult day. The wind even made it a bit chilly. Luckily we found some fish after all.

first-spring-days-ovm-1 first-spring-days-ovm-2

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