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Everyone has their own favorite fly. Most of us even have a couple of favorite flies. Some flies simply catch a lot of fish in a lot of different circumstances. When it comes to nymphs my favorite fly is without a doubt the Simon Templer Nymph. When fishing for active trout in lakes and reservoirs I have a different favorite fly. It’s kind of a wet fly. My friends call it the Vincent’s 32. On our “home” trout water “De Ronde Bleek” this fly has accounted for several hundreds of big trout.


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Cascade salmon fly variant

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Once a year I go salmon fishing in Ireland, on the river Drowes. I haven’t had the luck to land one yet. But every time I have a lot of fun preparing for the trip, hoping this time I’ll catch one of those intriguing wild Atlantic Salmon. The same goes for the flies I tie in preparation of my next trip. With every fly I tie I’m hoping it’ll be the one that catches my fish!


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Chartreuse Pike Streamer

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We’re nearing the end of october, that means the winter is kickin’ in. Winter here in the Netherlands means one thing for us as flyfisherman: Pike! This time i’ll tie one of my favourite pike streamers.


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EP ASP Streamer


This time I’ll tie a streamer made of EP-Fibers (Enrico Puglisi). It’s a wonderful material. Because of it’s hydrofobic nature the fibers won’t stick together when wet, but they stay axactly like they are tied and shaped.


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Barbus barbus

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First barbs of 2014 have tasted our flies!

First 2014 barbel!

Ricardo spotting the barbels

Sometimes there’s the odd by-catch… This one is a Gibel Carp or sometimes called Prussian Carp. Funny fish…

First spring days

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Finally, some nice spring days here in the Netherlands. For us it meant looking for bows on Lake Oostvoorne. Very difficult day. The wind even made it a bit chilly. Luckily we found some fish after all.

first-spring-days-ovm-1 first-spring-days-ovm-2

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