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Grayling Love Pink!

Posted on 20 December 2012 by Vincent

Grayling love pink flies. That’s not a big secret. Sometimes bright neon pink, sometimes a more subdued shade of pink. It all started with a ram’s scrotum…

The final result

The final result

Tups Indispensable, a very successful dry fly which body was made from a ram’s scrotum. The ram scrotum has a pinkish color. Of course no self-respecting flytyer is going to a farmer to ask for a ram’s scrotum hair, that’s why most flytyers used a pink dyed seals fur.

After the success of this fly, anglers found out grayling simply love pink, and they started to use this color with great success in other patterns. Competition anglers also started to experiment with pink colored nymphs. Nowadays, every competition angler has a couple of tiny nymphs with very small pink 1,5mm or 2mm tungsten beads. Grayling nymphs!

This week’s fly is my version of a tiny pink tungsten nymph for grayling. The GLP Nymph. It’s small, it’s pink, and it catches a lot of grayling! Have fun!

Materials used

One Response to Grayling Love Pink!

  1. on 20 December 2012 at 21:37 bob said:

    Nice Vince , I’ve been tying some pink nymphs myself
    For Slovenia and to try this spring for chub .


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