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Green tarpon toad a.k.a. Green cookie

Posted on 22 August 2012 by Vincent

Anyone who has ever fish for tarpon with a flyrod, or just anyone who has some interest in tarpon fly fishing, has probably seen or at least heard of the dvd “Chasing Silver – A tarpon journey”. One of the main characters in this dvd and the writer of the tarpon fly fishing bible “A passion for tarpon” is Andy Mill. It’s fair to say he is a tarpon legend.

Andy Mill has one favorite fly. He won several Gold Cup Tarpon Tournaments using mainly this one fly. He calles it the Green cookie. It’s actually a toad style pattern called the Green tarpon toad, which was invented by Gary Merriman. Gary however tied this fly a little different. He used strip of rabbit for the tail. Later captain Tim Hoover, Andy’s guide, changed the pattern slightly, and used marabou for its tail. Andy immediately started slamming tarpon with this fly and he would win 5 Gold Cup Tarpon Tournaments.

The idea behind this fly is to have it swim hight in the water column. The toad style EP-fibers make sure of that. The marabou tail gives it lots of movement, even when you’re not actively stripping the fly. Therefore you can really hang the fly in front of the fish. Give this one a go!

For the eyes you can use bead chain eyes or plastic mono eyes. Originally it’s tied with plastic mono eyes, but sometimes you want the fly to go just a little deeper, then you can use bead chain eyes.

Materials used:

One Response to Green tarpon toad a.k.a. Green cookie

  1. on 16 August 2013 at 11:26 Stephan Dombaj said:

    Nice tutorial. The shape of the body is imperative for skinny water fish. It’s all about the sinking rate and how this little bug intercepts a big cow. I prefer a collar made out of yellow rabbit and the body sealed with superglue or vanish on the body-wrappings. The body itself, can be small in shape and fluffy as long as the overall shape remains flat.

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