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La Bomba!

Posted on 31 December 2010 by Vincent

Some people like it, some people don’t. Some people do it because they’ll probably catch more fish in certain situations, some people don’t do it because it takes away the fun in their flyfishing. I’m talking about fishing with HEAVY nymphs.

Especially in deep pools, heavy nymphs can be really succesful! Personally I don’t mind fishing with these nymphs. Be it “czech nymphing” or something similar. In deeper pools, fish lie near the bottom of the pool (very often the bigger fish). In some situations these fish will rise 1 or even 2 meters to take your fly, but in most situations the fish will only move a small distance to take their food. In these situations you need something to reach these fish.

There are lots of nymphs that go deep, but there are always situations where you need to go REALLY DEEP. We all have been in these situations where you see some big ass trophy fish near the bottom, but your nymphs simply won’t reach them. Of course you can put some split-shots on your tippet, but in most rivers I fish split-shots are not allowed. To be able to reach these fish i’ve got my special pattern wich I’m going to tie in this video. It’s appropriately called “La Bomba”.

When developing this pattern, I had one thing in mind: Making sure this thing goes deep! To make sure of that, it must have the following properties: Heavy, small and a slick surface to minimize water resistance. Of course it should still resemble some kind of insect, but the main thing is to get it down deep, and fast! To make sure it remains some of it’s insect looks I’ve put on a tail. But if you want to make it go down even faster you can remove the tail. I’ve done it in the past several times, and to be hounest: The fish didn’t seem to mind.

I’ve experimented with several colours, but the colours don’t seem to be really important. I’ve found that the red “hit-spot” can make a difference. I tie this fly in olive, brown and black. In bigger sizes (#12 or bigger) you can use a floss instead of the tying thread to cover the body. You can also tie this fly with pheasant tail, and put the varnish over the body.


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