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Lake Oostvoorne in May

Posted on 29 May 2012 by Vincent

At the fly fair in Dronten (the Netherlands) we ran into the dudes from We had some nice adventures together in the past (like Pike fishing in the “polders” of Utrecht). After a while we found out they had plans for a Lake Oostvoorne trip so we joined up with them.

We left home early at 04.00 am, becouse Oostvoorne is a 2 hour drive. At 06.00 we were at the spot “de loswal”. After a couple of minutes the flyfishing veterinarians Sander aka “Arubaman” and Brian aka “the cook” also arrived. We decided to do some sight fishing and started wading into the water. As always the Lake Oostvoorne trout played hard to get. But we didn’t give up easily and tried some new techniques Sander told us. After a wile Philip hooked a nice rainbow trout of 60cm.

At around 12.00 we went to a beach bar and enjoyed a nice beer and some saté with French fries and some mayonnaise. In the Netherlands we like to drown ’em in that shit! After lunch we found a nice place to lay down and chill a bit. There Edwin aka Mr. Seabass/Dyckers joined us. He just caught his first Seabass (60cm+) of this year near Oostvoorne.

Later that day Philip caught a smaller trout and at 21.30 we called it a day and went home. Vincent had kind of an odd day, hooking several nice fish, but none of them wanted to stay on the hook long enough for a photo-shoot! Next time there will be a revenge…

Four days later we decided it was payback time! We drove to Lake Oostvoorne for a two-day trip. The BBQ and some Corona’s joined us for our journey. The first day we hooked a couple of fish. Sander also caught a couple of nice big ones. The next day we had plans to go fishing very early. But the Corona’s had left their scars, and we decided to sleep a little longer. After a nice sunny day of fishing we hooked several nice fish, and Vincent even managed to keep two of them on the hook long enough for a photo! Small nymphs were the flies to go with. Later that day Boy spotted some ragworms. That means fishing with red and pink streamers! After hooking, catching and losing some fish it was time for some fastfood before beginning our journey back home.

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