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Likkoe OVM weekend

Posted on 27 July 2012 by Jasper Vos

Old men with busy agenda’s. That’s what we’ve become. That means if we want to go fishing on Lake Oostvoorne (OVM), we have to plan it way ahead. So we planned our weekend and booked a cabin. Only weather conditions made us worry a little bit.

After 2 weeks of looking at the weather forecast 8 times a day, we decided to go, regardless of the weather. Paul and I were the first at the scene and made our cabin our own. We welcomed Leon, and we went for a quick fishing session right away, because Vincent couldn’t handle the pressure and therefore decided to go back home for some more alcoholic confidence before he came to the cabin.

We only had about two hours to fish. From a dike near “the loswal” a fish was lost in the blazing winds, a herring and a small brown trout were caught. Paul forgot to hold the fish up for the camera, so we had to take a picture of his fingers.

After fishing, Vincent joined us for a beer and suddenly we were a little tipsy and it was 4am. We were in doubt whether to stay up all night and go fishing without any sleep, but usually that’s not a very good idea when fishing in the rough OVM conditions, so we went to bed. Nevertheless I woke up at 05.45am and was wetting my fly at 6am near one of the dikes close to our cabin. The winds picked up a bit, and after a while the winds picked up even more (8-9bft) and it rained like hell. Rain showers, waves, flapping hoodie and a hangover. I decided not to move to avoid as much of the rough conditions as possible. By pointing my rod upwards I could cast a perfect cast of about 20 meters, without the need of a back-cast. My efforts didn’t get the credit they deserved, and after about 3 hours I went back to the cabin to notice the other guys had already woke up. I informed them they had not missed a lot.

After breakfast we made the decision that due to the heavy winds we had to go to the other side of the lake, know as “the playground”. After arriving there I noticed Leon had a flat tire. Leon had to go home to fix his tire, because he didn’t have much time to fish anyway. The three of us walked to the beach, a little bit disappointed because of the sudden leave of Leon. Vincent and Paul sat down at a bench for a moment, and they sat first row as I hooked a big fish close to the bank after only 3 casts on very shallow water of about 20cm. Sadly I lost the fish due to a line break after his first jump. After losing the fish it jumped two more times. It was clear this fish was a big healthy male of about 70cm with a kipe. This blows. Right away I kept on slamming the water with a big streamer till the end of the morning. Unfortunately the only thing it brought me was a sore shoulder. No fish anyway. A couple of meters away Paul lost a nice fish in style, and Vincent was two 40cm rainbows ahead of us, caught on a floating fry-imitation.

Steadily we moved on the “the bowl”, a well-known hot spot on OVM, and we were starting to get some action on our surface flies. Paul caught a late forties fish, and I lost another fish of about 60cm. With all the luck in the world I caught a 40cm bow, I was very lucky to land it because I was fiddling around with my net. Vincent caught the only decent fish of that day.

Time flies and suddenly it’s 6pm. Finally we had our lunch and diner (dunch? liner?) at a cafetaria. After the now classic quote “Sir, there’s already fries with your menu, are you sure you want extra fries?” and €50,- less in my wallet we were getting in the mood for some sea bass fishing later this evening. Sea bass specialist Brian joined us, he knows where to find the bass on “the Maasvlakte”, our spot for the evening. After our bellies were full, we went to a classic sea bass spot. We stumbled upon some sea bass heads near the spot, and after climbing a couple of big rocks with kelp, we found a nice spot to lose some flies. That was going pretty well for us, but after losing three flies to the bottom there’s the sudden *BANG* on my fly and I caught a small bass on my streamer.

No more bass that evening, so after a beer and a few group photos Paul and I decided it was time for some trout fishing. Vincent en Brian stayed to try to catch a bass. After half an hour they also came back to OVM. In the short evening session (with beer) in front of “De Stormvogel” we noticed the herring were having a huge appetite, and were probably the only fish that could go trough the commercial fishing nets that were present. We caught severing herring on pretty big streamers for such small fish. Both Brian and Paul somehow managed to hook a trout, but they both lost their fish. Paul’s fish deserved a brilliancy prize, because it managed to unhook itself after swimming a perfect clinch-knot around one of the pilers.

The rest of the night only consists of drinking more beer, and telling some stories. Around 2.30am (Or was it a bit later in the evening? We will never know) it ended sooner than the evening before. We say goodbye to Brian and go to bed. Around 6am I jump (a little less agile) out of my bed, and I see perfect fishing conditions on the lake. Sadly, no trout. Obviously Paul and Brian scared away the two last fish on that spot the evening before. After being in doubt for an hour or so, I went back to the cabin to share a cold message: “You either get out of bed now and we go fishing, or you give me your car-keys and give me one of the cars, the conditions are perfect and we can’t miss this one!”. Half asleep Paul gets out of bed and gives me a hint where I can find his car-keys. Two minutes later I’m on my way, on my own.

When I arrive on the inside of one of the dikes, it looked like the lake used to be in the Golden Old Days: Tailing fish, fierce hits, action everywhere. Most of it not where I was standing, but I was expecting a fish any second. Remarkably no fish took my fly, and I’m a little bummed the other guys weren’t with me, because I think we would have had better chances. Around 9am a phone-call from Paul, they are getting breakfast. Of course I don’t join them because of all the fish around me. Shortly after the phone-call I get a nice take in the surface on my gurgler and I manage to get a nice brown trout.

Not long after that Vincent, Paul and Gert Jan (who came all the way from Kampen for only one day) joined me in some fishing. The real buzz of activity is over, but with more rods on the water we stand a better chance of catching one. I had to go get me something to eat, so I went to “De Duinrand” near the lake. Outside of this place I was confronted with a big decision. It startet to rain. Do I stay here outside and eat my pancake and finish my coffee in the rain, or do I go inside, where it’s dry, but they were playing Celine Dion songs. After drinking coffee in the rain for a minute I give in and go inside. The old school chandeliers and the depressing interior complete the depressing setting.

The heavy rains are over and I have some extra energy (two nights of only 1,5hour sleep really takes its toll). While fishing I walk towards the other guys. They don’t have any fish, but some fish will be caught, because conditions are perfect. Loud cheers welcome the first sunlight of the day, and suddenly we can spot some fish. It doesn’t take long before the first couple of fish would be spotted, hooked-and-lost, and be caught. We discover a spot against some weeds where trout are constantly cruising back and forth. Sometimes they even seem te hunt down some preys. We were standing alongside each other and notice each other whenever there’s a fish cruising by. We cast all sorts of flies and we get plenty of reactions from the fish, but somehow we can’t catch ’em. On a dry fly Paul and I miss a take from the same fish within 10 seconds. Then I noticed the fish are feeding really fast and really close to the bottom. I somehow reminds me of bonefish behavior. I was walking around with a crazy charlie in my OVM flybox for a long time. I decided this was THE moment. I tie my crazy charlie on the end of my leader en and I, complete in “bonefishing style”, wait for the fish to show up. Suddenly I see a good fish closing in on my left. I casts a little too much to the left, but as soon as my fly hits the water, the fish speeds towards the fly! The fly barely hits the bottom as I start to strip 1-2-3-stop. The trout follows the fly and takes the fly like a bonefish and I strip-strike the hook. Fish on! A nice aggressive “bonetrout” starts swimming around me and the expected long run acros the shallow water doesn’t happen. This gives me enough time to reel the running line on my brand new reel, which could get a deflowering on this fish. After 30 seconds the trout suddenly seems to notice the seriousness of the situation and takes about 30 meters of line within 10 seconds. Exactly 20cm of backing! After some swimming trough some weeds I manage to get the net a bit more handier and I land a beautiful trout. I go absolutely crazy because it feels like I have just caught a bonefish on Lake Oostvoorne!

Paul immediately wants a crazy charlie too, and after some searching in my flybox I gave him the fly I just caught the “bonetrout” on. After some more searching in my flybox I find another one for myself. As fast as the happiness came along, it vanished just as fast. At least 10 fish were casted to, but we didn’t get any reaction on our flies. Back to fishing with nymphs, streamers and dry flies.

The trout stay pretty active, and Gert Jan loses a big fish which maneges to find the weeds on a big distance and gets rid of the fly. We all get some takes now and then, but none of them stay on our hooks. Especially Vincent is doing pretty well, and his fish count is already standing on 5 fish.

Paul casts a streamer to a fish close to his feet and gets a nice take from a big trout. The fish swims off immediately. After a couple of minutes Paul looses contact to the fish and after 2 seconds the fish immediately starts to swim away again. Somehow it feels different after he lost contact for 2 seconds. It seems the fish was hooked in his tail. The fish took his fly, after a couple of minutes it lost it, and managed to hook its own tail. How about the chances for that to happen again? It’s the last fish for us that day and we went back home.

Later that day we get a text message from Vincent, he caught 3 more fish that day after we left. It immediately starts to itch again…

Jasper Vos

3 Responses to Likkoe OVM weekend

  1. on 27 July 2012 at 15:01 Vincent said:

    Nice report Jasper!! Had a great time that weekend!

    Cheers, Vincent

  2. on 27 July 2012 at 15:10 Jasper Vos said:

    Had a blast!
    Are we going again now?
    How ’bout now? And now?

  3. on 3 August 2012 at 08:55 Cornelis said:

    nice report guys !


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