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OVM Nymph

Posted on 11 January 2013 by Vincent

In recent articles and reports about lake Oostvoorne, I’ve mentioned this fly before. It’s one of my favorite OVM flies. A simple, but very effective pattern, if you fish it correctly.

A fly called “Stokje” in Dutch, which means “little stick”, is a well known pattern on lake Oostvoorne. It imitates all kinds of small insects that inhabit the lake, but mainly the small swimming scuds. Most anglers who visit lake Oostvoorne regularly have their own variants on this fly.

I have various variants, each suitable for different situations. Sometimes I want a fly that sinks a bit faster, then I use a heavy hook (like the one used in this video for example), and/or some copper wire as a ribbing. In some situations I want a fly that has a brighter color, then I’ll use a different dubbing. But the fly I’ve tied in this video is probably my most “all-round” nymph.

In this fly I use eel skin as a shellback material. This materials ties best when it’s wet. It gets a bit softer, and ties a lot easier. Therefore I use a bit of saliva.

This fly is best fished on a very long (2x or 2,5x rod length) leader. Depending on the situation you’ll want to fish this fly on a fluorocarbon or regular mono leader, just remember, fluorocarbon sinks! We usually fish this fly on a dead drift or a very slow retrieve, around or just above the weed beds. Try to find some feeding fish, cast in their direction and wait for the sudden pull… It’ll come if you persevere!

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4 Responses to OVM Nymph

  1. on 11 January 2013 at 20:13 DJ said:

    hi there, thanx for the inspiration. again a nice pattern, great site, keep it up!
    Cheers DJ

    • on 12 January 2013 at 13:30 Vincent said:

      Thanks DJ!

  2. on 12 January 2013 at 14:22 Hooked said:

    Very easy but beautiful patern. This year I’ll try the OVM for the first time and this will be in my box.
    Any tips to fish it?

    • on 12 January 2013 at 21:15 Vincent said:

      Try to locate the fish. That’s probably the most important advice I can give you. Especially this time of the year the fish tend to concentrate in certain area’s. Once you’ve seen some fish swimming around, or you’ve seen some rises, go fish these area’s. Don’t hang around too long. If the fish are not reacting, relocate!

      Fish it on the drift, or with a very slow figure-of-eight retrieve. But be prepared for a sudden pull on the end of your line.

      Another important aspect is your leader. It has to be long, at least 2x your rod length. Fish are very spooky, you’ll want your fly to hit the water as far away as possible from your flyline. I mostly use 3x or 4x tippets.


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