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A new try at Lake Oostvoorne


From “ The Rise flyfishing film festival” in Amsterdam straight to Lake Oostvoorne where we spend the night in a Cabin near the lake so we could get out early. The fishing was tough, misty all day and the water was freezing cold. The fish were hard to find on the shallow waters of the lake. Nearly no sign of fish but Philip was the saviour off the day with a nice healthy Bow! Click the read more for some pictures and a movie.


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Wintertime 2

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A couple more pictures of our wintertime fishing here in The Netherlands. A few nice fish were caught. Philip caught 2 pike at the same place, both with the same length. We thought they were the same, but they weren’t. They have different markings. Also, Boy caught a nice Pike-Perch, wich ate her belly full for the upcoming winterperiod. Furthermore we caught several nice pike. Not really big ones, but that doesn’t matter. Another place we like to fish is “De Ronde Bleek“. Beautiful good sized rainbows and brownies inhabit the lake. Read more >>

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It’s wintertime in The Netherlands. Almost all water is frozen. But there still remain a couple of places where we can fish. We went fishing yesterday and froze our asses off!!! Sadly with no result, but luckily we had the chance to shoot a couple of nice pictures.

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The Klinkhamer Special

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Hans van Klinken’s Klinkhåmer Special is my go-to dryfly for faster water. I don’t think this fly needs any introduction, over the past few years it has become notorious! However, most people tie this fly the wrong way. Even most flyshops who sell this fly, sell a different fly Read more >>

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Got teeth?

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We love fishing for pike. Pike are agressive, they have some nasty teeth, and they only have one thing on their mind when they see your “fly”: “must… destroy… that… fly!!!”


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Suck my Mexican shrimp!


“Look there, 60 feet, 11 o’clock! Nervous water! Wait… Wait… Cast now!! Wait… Wait… Strip, strip!! Set the hook!!! *BANG* Fish on!” These are the words you will be dreaming about after a full day of fishing in Mexico.


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Barbus barbus

Posted on 15-03-2014<- 3 Comments

First barbs of 2014 have tasted our flies!

First 2014 barbel!

Ricardo spotting the barbels

Sometimes there’s the odd by-catch… This one is a Gibel Carp or sometimes called Prussian Carp. Funny fish…

First spring days

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Finally, some nice spring days here in the Netherlands. For us it meant looking for bows on Lake Oostvoorne. Very difficult day. The wind even made it a bit chilly. Luckily we found some fish after all.

first-spring-days-ovm-1 first-spring-days-ovm-2

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