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Paul’s big Dutch pike on fly

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Vincent

After fishing together on lake Oostvoorne, Paul and I were talking about Pike fishing. Paul owns a boat and lives near one of best waters for big pike in The Netherlands. Every year a lot of 120cm+ pike are caught, and even some 130cm+ ones. Big pike for sure! I got an invitation from Paul to fish these waters with him. Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate to go fishing with him!

After a 2 hour drive I finally met up with Paul. It was one of the hottest days in months. Not the best pike fishing weather. Pike don’t like to fight in these temperatures. So we knew up front we had to fight these fish very hard to get them to the boat as quickly as possible, to keep them as healthy as possible.

Paul was already waiting for me in his boat ready to go fishing. I loaded my gear into his boat and we sailed away to find pike. Big pike! After a couple of casts Paul immediately got a take. “Nice one” Paul shouted. This was a nice fish for sure! It was taking line like crazy (which is unusual for pike) and it was bending Paul’s 10-weight like a whale.

Paul fighting a big fish. Fighting these fish very hard was mandatory due to high water temperatures

After a couple of minutes we got a glimpse of Paul’s fish. Wow… this was a big one…

A big fish!

Paul is an experienced pike fisherman, so he didn’t have any trouble landing this fish with his bare hands. Wow, this fish was big and heavy! I measured the fish and the measuring tape indicated this fish was 112cm!

112cm of raw pike power! Paul’s new personal best!

A couple of casts later, Paul got another take! A small fish had taken his fly. Usually that’s a nice fish, but after his first catch this one seemed like a baby.

Paul’s second pike. Usually a good fish, but a baby in comparison to his first fish

Searching for pike in these large waters can be a big challenge. You never know where the big ones are holding up. One clue is to look for pondweed. Baitfish like the cover of these plants. And so do pike! They follow big schools of baitfish.

Pondweed. This is what we where looking for!

Half an hour went by, and Paul got another one! Again, a big one! Not as big as his first one, but this fish was also taking line. After a decent fight, Paul could land a nice 92cm pike.

Paul’s third fish of the day

Somehow I couldn’t manage to get a take. Maybe it was the sinking rate of my Di3 sinking line? We noticed a difference between our lines, so I decided to change lines, and go for a Di7 line. My fly had to go down faster.

After a couple of casts I immediately got an indication my decision to change my sinking line was a good choice. A big pike took my fly right in the surface just before I could take my fly out of the water. Woah! Big fish. Sadly my line went slack… I lost it… Time for a new spot.

Looking for new spots is crucial

We both get one or two takes, and Paul catches a small one of about 50cm. A beautiful sunset indicated it is time to go home. Prepare for some revenge!

A beautiful Dutch sunset

A couple of weeks later I got a new invitation from Paul. Time for a new try! Sadly, no time for a full day of fishing, but we had to make the best of it. The weather was good. Rough weather conditions. Perfect for pike fishing!

After a couple of casts on our first spot I immediately got a heavy take on my fly. This was a big one! My 8-weight rod was bending like crazy. After one or two minutes suddenly my line went slack… Damn it! I lost it! My 25cm black/purple EP-streamer was looking quite devastated. So was I… This could easily have been my biggest pike on fly ever. Well, that’s fishing! I will never know how big it was. Maybe we’ll meet again.

After a while Paul’s streamer was taken by a pike. A nice fish of about 70cm was landed by Paul.

Paul fighting his first fish of the day

Paul’s pike looking angry

Paul’s stunning fish, it was in perfect condition

Time for me to catch a fish! After half an hour or so, I finally got a take, and this fish stuck to my fly! It was a small pike, but it was my first one on these waters! Not the big mama I came for, but at least it was a start!

My first pike on these waters

Back to reality. We where here to catch big pike, so we had to find new spots to fish. After finding a new spot, Paul got another take. A big one again! This fish was also taking line. Paul’s 10-weight bended and the fish pulled Paul’s rod-tip trough the water surface. Paul had to maneuver the fish so his rod wouldn’t hit the edge of his boat.

Paul maneuvering his pike to keep his rod away from the boat’s edge

A couple of minutes went by and Paul could land the pike. It was a big mama again. It measured 93cm.

Hello mama! Another one bites the dust!

Paul releasing his fish. Getting some oxygen trough her gills is very important!

After fishing two more hours, we couldn’t find anymore pike. Time to go home and prepare some big, nasty and dark streamers for my next time!

Thanks Paul for these two great opportunities!


4 Responses to Paul’s big Dutch pike on fly

  1. on 12 June 2013 at 15:17 ryan said:


    i have recently moved to holland with my brother and we are both avid fly fisherman. We have tried fishing various spots for some pike, unfortunately with no luck. We have caught a few carp and other smaller bottom feeders, but are really wanting the thrill of a nice pike fight.

    Can you help us out? maybe if you know of any pike spots or with any tips on how we should fish for the river lizards?


    • on 17 June 2013 at 23:04 Vincent said:

      Hi Ryan! Welcome to the Netherlands! Please shoot me a message trough our contact form (on the about page). I’ll contact you trough there, maybe we can help you out.


  2. on 2 September 2013 at 12:21 Hector Sarasola said:

    I’ll be going to Utrech many times from now on as a new Grandaughter will be born.As you can see in my web page Cast&blast is my “Thing” and Pike is the cousin of my loved Hopplias Malabaricus living in Europe.
    Try get me on flyfishing there and I’ll can swap fishing at my Ninette paradise.

  3. on 27 April 2014 at 21:35 Calee Cariaga said:

    Hello- great post! I’m moving to Holland in July/August and will be looking to fish a ton!
    I’m hoping you guys may be able to recommend a good boat to fish for bike on the fly with.
    The boat in this blog looks great- and I’ll be looking to get something as soon as I arrive!
    Thanks in advance for any info!


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