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Pintar PT Nimph

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Vincent

While fishing in Slovenia I met Emil Pintar. Fly fishing guide, and owner of a couple of apartments ( This week I’ll tie a fly, inspired by Emil’s favorite nymph. It’s a jig-nymph.

It’s a jig-style pattern, so it’ll ride up-side-down, and therefore not snagging on the bottom that much. Next to the “Simon Templer nymph” and “La Bomba” it has become my go-to fly for fast water. It’s a real killer! The CDC gives this fly something special under water.

Also try some more color variations. Same fly, but with an olive abdomen has given me great results for grayling. You can fish it in a team of flies, as a point fly or middle dropper, but you can also fish it as a single fly. In Slovenia you have this fly as a single, because it is not allowed to fish with multiple flies.

I’ve fished this fly mainly in a French/Czech nymphing setup, but you can also fish it the old fashion way, on a dead upstream drift.

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3 Responses to Pintar PT Nimph

  1. on 9 January 2013 at 20:31 Ben Beusker said:

    In the video the CDC feathers are placed inside de the hook. On the picture about the colour variations have all the flies the CDC feathers on top of the hook. What is in Your opinion the correct pattern.
    Greeetings Ben Beusker

    • on 10 January 2013 at 00:21 Vincent said:

      Hi Ben,
      That’s correct, in my new flies I place the feather on the inside of the hook. The color variations are older flies. The reason behind placing the CDC feather on the inside, is because with these jig-hooks the fly rides up-side-down. I want the CDC on top because I like to think it imitates the skin bursting open. Don’t know if the fish share my opinion, but it gives me more confidence in this fly. On my older flies I hadn’t really thought of that.

      • on 31 January 2013 at 17:11 Ben Beusker said:

        On the moment that a take place behind my vise, I had a second thought. You place the CDC feather on the inside, because of the fact that the hook turning. Should than the mirage thoraxcover – for the same fact – alse be placed on the inside of the hook? The hook is turning and the thoraxcover is in the present pattern looking to the bottom.Am I right/wrong? What is Your opinion about this?
        Greetings, Ben Beusker

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