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Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2009

Posted on 12 October 2009 by Vincent

Finally back in Mexico! We had to wait about a whole year to return to this tropical paradise…

From Amsterdam we flew to Cancun, we would stay for 2 weeks in Playa del Carmen at the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

After a long journey we arrived at the resort, we were thinking of all the good memories from last year when we ordered the first Mojitos. There were also “anti-fishing dudes” along this time, so our holiday would not only be devoted to fly fishing. The intention was 2 days flyfishing on the flats of the island of Cozumel accompanied by Nacho Euan (our mexican guide). Furthermore, we wanted to give it a shot from the beaches of Playa del carmen like last year. Our main target: Bones and Permit ..

Day 1

04:45, the alarm went. Way too much alcohol and way too late asleep last night so our headaches came up, the day before we had clearly agreed that we were going to bed on time but somehow it never happens when you’re staying in the carribean. At 06:00 we entered our ferry and after half an hour we arrived at Cozumel where our guide was waiting for us. Soon we arrived at the small harbor and we were on our way in the boat to the Cozumel flats.


About 10 minutes later we arrived on the flats. We are slowing down, the outboard engine is off and soon there is a deathly silence. The rods are prepared and to our surprise we saw the first group of Bonefish approaching. Vincent gets to the front of the boat and makes his first cast but they are still too far away… the fish is approaching fast, a new opportunity “wait… wait… 2 strips fast” is the advice of Nacho and BAM he’s on! Several times the reel is screaming and the Bone is taking a lot of line. A moment later, the First Bone is a fact. In less than 10 minutes we’ve got the first fish in the boat, we didn’t really expect that but it gives us a very good feeling. We see that the school of Bonefish still within reach and we quickly change positions, it was a real dream start and a little later we both landed the first bonefish… Absolutely Briljant!

Vincent’s Nr.1

Ricardo’s Nr.1

Our guide led us on various flats and we were catching good fish, not only Bonefish showed interest in our flies, several species of snappers and jacks were caught and a big Barracuda even took the fly. Unfortunately, he dissolved by using his teeth and only the line came above water. Meanwhile, we were fishing for some hours and the sun shone brightly, the surroundings looked very different than when we arrived the First flat in the early morning. We were almost at the end of our round and saw some Snooks and a group Babytarpons cruising around the mangroves, unfortunately we could not provoke one to take the fly. We decided after the 87th bottle of water (thirst, thirst, and more thirst) that we had enough for today and went back to the harbor. Very happy with the catches we arrived back at our resort, plenty of Bonefish and many other colorful species caught!

Day 2

Without making noise we got off the skiff and waded into the flat “3 o’clock, 3 o’clock. They’re coming, Shakie the water” Nacho points his finger and we see a small group of larger fish in the distance swimming just below the surface… they come within casting range and our crab imitation hits the surface just in front of the fish, they swim right up to it. They should have seen the flies, but absolutely no response. It seems like they do’nt care about our flies and they keep swimming. There are more small groups cruising around the flat (3-5 Permits) some opportunities we had with Nacho’s flies which are normally success gaurantied but also that didn’t work out. Somehow the Permit were’nt intrested. We decided to have another try at Bonefish. We end up on a beautiful spot wich also has many Bonefish. Fortunately we caught several Bones and we didn’t leave the flats empty-handed. An hour later we were waiting for the ferry with a nice cold Mexican beer, the best reward after a hot day of flyfishing!


Not only the great resort, the finest cocktails, Mexican beers, the ultimate nightlife, beautiful sea and latinas, oh yeah can’t forget the weather, but it also gives you a very good chance to catch your tropical salt water fish. A lot of Bonefish is represented, many are smaller but there are also enough bigger fish. Permit not only a lot but also really big ones. Babytarpon, snook, jacks, snappers, barracuda’s everything is possible. It’s an ultimate location for a fishing included holiday and the Permit we haven’t caught yet gives us a good excuse for another quick return.

We also thank our great guide Nacho Eaun, if you ever go that direction to go flyfishing on the beautiful flats of Cozumel you can reach him here:

The guide, Nacho Euan

3 Responses to Playa del Carmen, Mexico 2009

  1. on 12 April 2012 at 21:57 Fedor Hersel said:

    Dear Vincent,
    great article!!! I am from Germany and will spend some time in Playa del Carmen at the end of April this year. I want to take my flyrod with me of course and it would be great if you could help me in two points. 1)beachfishing. do you need a license? is there a special good spot in Playa del carmen?
    2) guiding: who much is it? Is there a pick up possibility from the hotel?
    I will bring an 6 and a 9 weight rod with me hope I catch some bonefish, jack, tarpon.
    Regards Fedor

    • on 12 April 2012 at 22:13 Vincent said:

      Hi Fedor!
      Thanks for your kind words. The Playa del Carmen area is great for flyfishing.
      1. Beachfishing is perfectly possible. South of the busy hotel beaches is a little rocky area. You can walk down the beach from the hotel-zone to that spot, but be warned, it’s a long walk of about 30 minutes. If you get yourself some clousers or deceivers and a sinktip for the deeper parts, it’s possible to catch a lot of different species. There are lot’s of garfish up to a meter in length. You can catch them on tubes with tiny treble hooks in them. The area I’m talking about is here:
      You can also fish on the beaches at the centre of PDC, but most hotel owners will chase you away once people are starting to crowd their beaches. The area I’m talking about above is far away from the hotel zones, so no problems there.
      2. If you want to go flats fishing for bones, tarpon and permit I can highly recommend Nacho Euan on the flats of Cozumel: We’ve been fishing with him a couple of times, and he manages to get us into fish all the time. He speaks English and his rates are very reasonable. He can pick you up at the ferry dock on Cozumel. Ferries go to Cozumel (and back) every hour.
      Tight lines,

    • on 12 April 2012 at 22:17 Vincent said:

      Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Coco Maya club downtown PDC on saterday night. It’s amazing!

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