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Seabass fever

Posted on 2 August 2013 by Vincent

Last weekend I went seabass fishing with a couple of buddies of mine, from Dyckers. I already did some seabass fishing this season, but with no success. I hooked a big-ass fish two weeks ago, but it managed to free himself between some rocks. 

So I was hoping for some payback last weekend. Sadly it turned out to be quite disappointing for me, fishing-wise. We had a great weekend, had a lot of laughs. Survived a devastating thunder-storm, and a lot of fish were caught. But not by me. Luckily lake Oostvoorne was kind enough to give me some success. I was able to catch a couple of nice bows. But that was not what I came for. You can read more about our weekend on Brian suggested to go fishing again on Wednesday. Another chance for payback… I’m game!

There was a strong south-west wind, 30 to 35 km/h. That makes fishing on a lot of spots very difficult. We tried a couple of our favorite spots, and a new one, but it didn’t look “fishy” to us. In my opinion a spot has to look “fishy”. You know, we want to see bait fish, a good current, some current seems, clear water, etc. After a couple of casts we tried another spot.

This new spot immediately looked “fishy”. We saw some bait fish, the water was relatively clear, and we saw a lot of mullet. Big ones. After a couple of casts I immediately got a good pull on the end of my line. But damn it, I lost the fish. Freed itself from the hook. This happens, but it’s very bitter when it happens when you have a big fat zero on your catch statistics after a couple of sessions. But hey, at least there’s fish present!!

A couple of casts later I got another good take. This fish has to come to land!! After a short, but strong fight, the fish could pose for a couple of pictures.

Yesss!!! My first 2013 bass!!

Yesss!!! My first 2013 bass!!

Yesss, finally my first 2013 seabass! A damn good feeling! I stripped some line off my reel, made another cast, and immediately after my first strip the line went tight again and I got another bass on the end of my line. Wow!!! A strong fight followed. This could be a big one I told Brian. Brian didn’t hesitate and took the camera to take some pictures.

Fish on!

Fish on!

When the fish came closer, I could see it wasn’t the big one we expected it to be. It was a nice fish for sure, about the same size as the first one, but it fought harder than it’s predecessor.

Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

Funny how things can go. I must have made a thousand casts in the last couple of sessions, with no results. Now, I make two casts resulting in two fish. Must have been some good karma shit going on there.

Now it’s Brian’s turn to catch one. He’s got the same type of line, same streamer, so it can’t take long before he gets a fish. And indeed, two casts after he took my photos, he got a pull. Good fish!

Ow yeah!

Ow yeah!

But this fish was fighting funny. Also, the color was a bit different Brian noticed when he saw a flash of the fish. Could this be… Ow yeah! Seatrout!!! Brian is one of the few people in the Netherlands who manages to catch seatrout in the Netherlands (see this article about it). So he’s used to catching these beauties. Usually he specifically targets these fish. But now he’s got one on the end of the line during seabass fishing. And it’s a good fish!

Amazing fish

Amazing fish, fresh out of sea with lots of sea-lice on it

And another picture, just because it's such a beautiful fish

And another picture, just because it’s such a beautiful fish

And back she goes, to continue her journey

And back she goes, to continue her journey

We were amazed. What a beautiful fish. You don’t encounter these fish very often in our waters. Well… Back to fishing again. I moved a bit to the right. We didn’t have much time left, but what the hell, maybe there’s more fish in the sea. And just when you think it can’t get any better, there’s this familiar take on the end of my line. But I didn’t set the hook properly, and the fish was gone. Darn it…

Back to exactly the same spot where I caught the first two fish. First cast, BAM, another take! Good karma shit!!! I could finish the day with my third bass. Sometimes seabass fishing can be good…

Last fish of the day

Last fish of the day

4 Responses to Seabass fever

  1. on 4 August 2013 at 20:47 Ochi said:

    Well done guys!!.
    Fished a lot for Fint last weeks but fishing for seabass is second on the list :-).
    First going to try and catch some salmon next weeks in the evening when I park my rented motorhome somewhere close to a river in BC.

  2. on 5 August 2013 at 22:14 Walter Rijksen said:

    Loved your report, great to see dutch sea trout!

  3. on 14 August 2013 at 13:31 Cornelis said:

    Great report again on dutch seabass and seatrout….managed a little seatrout last week in Norway..( with wind still conditions…2 days after i left…perfect conditions..)


  4. on 1 June 2014 at 11:20 Richard said:

    I’m looking for a place where I can stand in the water, because I’m gonna use my speycast rod and I need an anker in the water. Can you advise me where to go. On your pictures it’s looking great. Hope to hear from you soon


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