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Dutch Seatrout & Lake Oostvoorne

Posted on 2 October 2012 by Vincent

Two weeks ago we did a weekend fishing on Lake Oostvoorne and tried some seabass fishing on “Europoort” near Rotterdam. Seabass fishing was very tough, but there were some nice surprises around the corner…

Philip and I went fishing with some buddies from Flyfishing club Venlo. Most of them had never fished in this area, so Philip and I had to do some “guiding”. Seabass fishing is fairly new to us as well, but Lake Oostvoorne is familiar terrain.

At friday night we started fishing on Lake Oostvoorne. Wind was blowing, and for this time of the year it was chilly. Perfect fishing conditions! We don’t like calm sunny days on Lake Oostvoorne. It has to be rough, just like the lake itself.

Perfect weather conditions for Lake Oostvoorne!

No one can manage to land a fish. There are a couple of hookups, but due to lots of weeds in the area all fish are lost. We emphasized the importance of good quality fluoro carbon tippets up front, but it was a good learning experience for everyone to know why it is so important.

After explaining a lot I thought it might be time to take advantage of the upcoming sunset. Just before it gets really dark, there’s always this magical moment. Most places this moment is right after sunset. Lake Oostvoorne always decides to keep this moment from us a little longer. Just after it gets dark the fish go crazy.

A couple more minutes and the “magical moment” is starting to happen

Just when I arrive at a spot where I expect some fish, I see a fish taking something from the surface, a couple of meters away from me. I immediately cast the pimp to this spot. The fish takes the pimp without hesitation. I felt some weight but the fish manages to get rid of the hook before I can set it. Damn it! Right after I lost the fish and my flyline comes flying towards me, I cast the line back onto the same spot. Another fish (or was it the same one?) takes my fly two seconds after it landed. Fish on!

After a short but explosive fight I can land this rainbow trout.

My first fish of the weekend, the pimp does it again!

Back to the cabins. Time to tie some flies. We’re going seabass fishing tomorrow!

Flytying for the next day

Seabass fishing, that’s what’s next on our program. Only Philip and I have done that in the past, so for everyone else it’s their maiden seabass trip. We tried several spots, but somehow we couldn’t find any fish. Better luck next time!

Seabass country!

After a short break we go back to Lake Oostvoorne. Philip and I hope to get these boys into some fish. When I arrived at the lake Philip was already fishing with some of the guys. When I walked towards them I heard trough my walkie talkie Philip had just lost a very large fish. It got stuck in the weed. Half an hour later Philip got into another fish. Not as big as the fish half an hour ago, but it was a nice catch.

Philip’s first fish of the weekend, nice one!

Back again…

One or two guys get some takes again, but no fish want to stay on the hook long enough. Philip and I noticed a spot further away was getting a lot of attention from some other anglers earlier that day. That’s usually a good sign, so we headed out that way. After arriving on that spot we see a lot of fish feeding very actively in the passage between the two dams. Small fish, but that doesn’t mind. On lake Oostvoorne you have to take every opportunity you get. Be it small fish or big fish.

I noticed they were feeding on quite small prey. I say them taking a lot of prey right before my feet, but I couldn’t see what exactly they where taking. It had to be very small. I quite literally  tried all my small flies in my flybox. Only on one fly, my smallest tiniest nymph, I got some reaction, but I was too late to set the hook. Maybe they would take something big? Well, in these situations I’ve learned you have to try everything.

After I tried my complete flybox Philip was fed up with these fish. We were unable to catch ’em. I wanted to try the small nymph I had on earlier again, one last time. Philip said: “I’m gonna smoke one more cigarette, and after that we go back.” I think he should have said that earlier… Philip had just lighted his cigarette, and a small fish took my fly. Finally!! After a short fight, I could land the fish. It was very small, but it was very satisfying to finally catch one!

Small fish, but it made my day

After that we headed back to get something to eat. We were starving. After dinner Sjouke and I got the urge to go for a quick seabass session, before fishing the dusk on Lake Oostvoorne. We had to catch some bass! The other guys were more interested in trout, so they stayed at Lake Oostvoorne.

After arriving on our spot, we spot some good current seams. There was some good tidal current going on. Always good for fishing! After about 5 casts I immediately got a decent take. “Fish on!” I yelled at Sjouke. I immediately handed him my camera, and Sjouke started taking pictures. This was a good sized bass! It was taking line like crazy. After a while the fish started to jump… “That’s weird” I thought to myself, “Seabass usually don’t jump…”. After 2 more jumps I noticed the “bass” had black spots on it’s silver sides. This isn’t a seabass! It’s a seatrout!

Maybe I need to explain this a little bit before going further. We don’t have any really good trout rivers in The Netherlands. There are some streams in the south that have some trout, but no really productive trout rivers, that can produce sea-running fish. However, there are some sea running trout going trough our big rivers, coming from Germany. I know some guys who fish for seatrout every now and then along the Dutch coast, but only incidentally seatrout are caught.

That being said, it was really special for me to hook up with a seatrout, in The Netherlands! And a decent one! After a hard fight I could finally land this trophy fish. It measured 64cm! I caught it on a black/purple 12cm EP-streamer.

Hell yeah!! My first Dutch seatrout!!

Smile! It had taken a 12cm black/purple EP-streamer. Notice the sealice, it’s fresh out of sea!

One more pic…

After that fish, I had to take a moment to recapitulate. This was my catch of the year! What a great fish. After thanking Sjouke for taking some good pics, he got back to fishing. Hoping to come across a seabass, or perhaps another seatrout!

I have to say, Sjouke really earned a fish that day. His persistence was as good as it gets. It’s a shame, but he didn’t get the reward he deserved. Maybe next time! It was starting to get dark, so we headed back to Lake Oostvoorne to do some night fishing.

When we hooked up with the rest of the group, we immediately heard their stories of that evening. The fishing was very good! But somehow no one could manage to land a fish. Several fish where hooked, but none landed. After a while I heard Hans screaming. He hooked a decent fish. Philip assisted him in landing the fish. Because we where fishing over some weed, it was hard to guide the fish trough the weed.

Hans and Philip with a good sized bow, the Pimp did it again!

After a while Ricardo called, he wanted to hook up with us too, and I went back to meet him at the parking area. We went back to the cabin, my day was as good as it could get.

The rest of the group stayed a bit longer. A couple of fish where hooked, and lost. However Stefan also managed to land his first Lake Oostvoorne bow.

On sunday, Philip, Ricardo and I went after some seabass again. We really wanted to catch one. Especially Philip, because he invested a lot of time and materials in these seabass, and the seabass-counter for this year was still a silent “0”. We casted, we casted, drove to another spot, casted some more, casted again, and tried another spot. After about 5 or 6 hours we hadn’t seen a single fish. Not even a take. What are we doing wrong?

Seabass food

Back to Lake Oostvoorne. At least we know how to find some fish there! I wanted to do my favorite kind of fishing: Sight fishing for big bows!

A cold beer, extremely long leader, and a small fly ready to cast at big bows that where cruising by. My kind of fishing!

Not long after that I hook a large fish, swimming right in front of me. It took my fly literally under my rod tip. This was a large fish! A long and explosive fight followed. I had to keep the fish out of the weeds. That wasn’t an easy task. Light tippet, small fly, barbless hook… Not an ideal combination when fighting a fish this size with all this weed around.

After a couple of minutes I could land the fish. Wow, this really was a big one! Ricardo was joking that it would probably be the same size as my seatrout I caught the day before. He was right, it was exactly the same size, 64cm!

Measuring the fish, will it be the same length as the seatrout the day before?

Bang! 64cm bow power! A fish in perfect condition!

After this fish it was silent for a moment. No fish were seen. Time for our last evening session of the weekend. My 16 year old nephew Bas still hadn’t caught a fish. We where all really hoping that would change, but time was running out.

Time for some help. We changed his whole leader, and I put him on a spot where a couple of fish where seen that day. I tied on the Pimp, and now we had to wait. A fish should take his fly sooner or later. Suddenly when I was still explaining how to fish the pimp, a trout head pops out of the water, and takes his fly! “Set the hook!” I yelled at Bas. Bas followed my advice and gently lifted his rod to set the hook. Nothing… Well… This sometimes just happens.

A couple of minutes later I hear Ricardo yelling he has a fish on. I ran towards him to take some pictures. Suddenly I hear him swearing and slamming his rod on the water. He lost it. Damn it, that was a big fish. He had been casting for this fish for a while, and suddenly it took his small fly. The hook broke at the bend. A Tiemco 3761 #16 couldn’t handle this strong fish.

Change fly

It was getting darker and darker, and the weekend was coming to an end. Suddenly, we all hear Bas yelling: “Yes!! Fish on!!!”. He did it! He finally managed to hook a fish, at the last minute. It looked like this would be a big fish. It was taking line off his reel like crazy. It was his first big trout on a fly rod, but he was handling it like a pro. We all walked towards Bas to make sure he could guide this fish trough the weeds.

Bas with his trophy! Philip helping him take out the fly, off course, the Pimp!

This looked like it could be the biggest fish of our weekend! I immediately took out my measuring tape, and it confirmed what I was already thinking. It was 65cm! The biggest fish of the week!

Bas releasing his bow into the dark water

After all I think we can all look back on a successful weekend. Lake Oostvoorne and seabass fishing are always tough. But somehow we managed to land a couple of great fish.

See you next time Lake Oostvoorne!


8 Responses to Dutch Seatrout & Lake Oostvoorne

  1. on 6 June 2013 at 18:28 Franky Boy said:

    Very nice story and what a bonus was that sea trout you caught!
    Good photography too!
    What is happening to our sea bass though?…. (Stupid question…)

    • on 7 June 2013 at 21:22 Vincent said:

      Thanks Franklin! Don’t know about the Sea Bass, this weekend will be my first try. First few bass on fly have already been caught!

  2. on 11 May 2014 at 21:54 Aaron said:

    Dear All,
    I live in the Netherlands since 4 years and I am now looking for a place where to fish for trouts with some friends and I surprisingly end up to this website.

    Could you tell me somethng more about what it is necessary to fish in this lake and if there is a guide available to go with us?

    Thanks for any feedback!

    • on 12 May 2014 at 13:14 Vincent said:

      Hi Aaron, I just sent you an email.

  3. on 27 June 2014 at 04:26 martrin pablo castañeda said:

    Hello Aron, I am Martin a fly fishing guide at San Martin de los Andes region (patagonia Argentina). You and your friend caugth very nice fishes, congratulations.
    I am going to Amsterdam for 2 or 3 days (August 2 to August 4) and I like meet with some agency or fisherman which would be interesting in seld our fly fishing trip to Argentina.
    Would you give any information about? Thanks you,

  4. on 2 April 2015 at 19:04 Ignacio said:

    Hello, my name is Ignacio and I´m a fishing nut from Argentina. I´m living in The Hague now and I´m wondering where can I get some fishing around here. If someone can share some info or is willing to share a fishing day please let me know. My email is Thanks

    • on 13 April 2015 at 11:44 Vincent said:

      Hi Ignacio, I just send you an e-mail 🙂
      Cheers! Vincent

  5. on 4 June 2015 at 20:22 jim tait said:

    I have now got my Vispass is there any other things that I need and does just turn up and fish.Regards Jim Tait.PS I live in Den Haag.

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