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Down ‘n Dirty – Austrian style


Finally, after hours of work, blood-sweat-and-tears, drowning in Red Bull, drinking too much whisky, only eating pizza’s-shoarma-and-döner, crying ourselves to sleep at night, and lots of nightmares later, our video about our trip to Austria is finished!

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Austria 2012, Shine!

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As you may have noticed, we did a little trip to Austria last week. Right now we have to sort out 90GB+ of video and photo material. There will be a video online about our complete trip in one or two weeks. Till then, after the “read more” are some pics for your enjoyment!

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Big Ass Krimmler Ache grayling


First anglers on the Krimmler Ache this year. We spotted a couple of big grayling aggressively feeding. Boy jumped into the water, shortly after that followed by Vincent. Vincent caught the first grayling. Shortly after that Boy also caught one. Check the “read more” for a video of Vincent’s grayling!

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Flyfishing for Trout, Grayling and Char in Mittersill Austria


We decide to go fishing in Austria and booked a room in Hotel Bräurup in Mittersill to enjoy a romantic “couple weekend” which means fishing all day long in stinky waders. Mauro has been there a few times in the past and for Daniela it’s the first time. The first weekend of October at f*ck** 5 o’clock in the morning we started our journey in Zürich and drove to Mittersill.


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Flyfishing in Braurup, Austria!

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Last week I went to Austria, to spent some time on the prestine waters of the salzach and it’s many little streams. We booked a week in the well know Bräurup hotel in Mittersill. After the summer, when all the snow has melted, the salzach is at a level where you can fish it. During the summer months, the fishing on the salzach is nearly impossible because of the melting snow. This results in white water, and high water levels. Altough the locals still fish the salzach during this period, fishing is very hard!


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Barbus barbus

Posted on 15-03-2014<- 3 Comments

First barbs of 2014 have tasted our flies!

First 2014 barbel!

Ricardo spotting the barbels

Sometimes there’s the odd by-catch… This one is a Gibel Carp or sometimes called Prussian Carp. Funny fish…

First spring days

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Finally, some nice spring days here in the Netherlands. For us it meant looking for bows on Lake Oostvoorne. Very difficult day. The wind even made it a bit chilly. Luckily we found some fish after all.

first-spring-days-ovm-1 first-spring-days-ovm-2

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