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The Black Tsunami

Posted on 8 November 2012 by Vincent

Over the past years we’ve become EP-fiber addicts. Our entire predatory fly box is filled with a lot of EP goodness. Due to some guilt feelings, because of the synthetic EP pollution in our pike waters, I wanted to tie something different. Something that I would actually fish with too…

My favorite natural materials for pike streamers are rabbit zonker strips, and deerhair. So, why not combine these two materials? Well, I already got these materials in a fly I tied some time ago.

So it has to be something different. We fish a lot in shallow waters, with lots of vegetation. So, I would like a fly that rides high in the surface, but not on or above the surface. Actually a fly just like a tarpon toad. So, why not tie a tarpon toad, but then much larger, suitable for pike fishing?

I’ve come up with a toad style pattern, that uses deer belly hair for the head. Because of the high buoyancy of the deer hair I need to use some heavier dumbbell eyes to crack the surface. We’ve tested the fly, and it has a perfect buoyancy. It sinks extremely slow, you really have to soak it before it breaks the surface, and after it does, it will hang beautifully! Also, because of the deer hair head, it will push a lot of water, and therefore give a lot of vibrations. Hence the name Black Tsunami…


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