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The LSMF Streamer

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Vincent

Rainbow trout love to eat streamers. Big streamers. On “De Ronde Bleek” trout lake, a certain type of streamer has created quite a buzz. It’s an articulated zonker streamer. 

Rob Dings is one of the fellow guides at De Ronde Bleek, and he loves to fish with zonker streamers. Rob came up with a pattern, inspired by Patrick Steenhout’s streamers, which Patrick sells to customers going to De Ronde Bleek. I’ve seen Patrick’s flies as well, and I created a fly too that was inspired by these flies: The BAMF Streamer. However, I’ve always been fishing at De Ronde Bleek with streamers without foam heads as well. Inspired by both Patrick and Rob’s tying methods, I came up with the LSMF Streamer. It’s a long and skinny zonker streamer, maybe you can guess what the name means now…

The trick is to create a very thin but movable streamer. That’s why I cut the zonker strips in half. These are 3mm wide strips, but that’s too wide.

My favorite colors on this fly are definitely yellow and olive. But be sure to have these streamers in several color combinations. Very often it’s not the color itself that gives us good results, but simply the change of color, that works well for us. So don’t keep fishing with one color, if the fish don’t take your fly, change color!

I usually fish this fly on a Di3, Di5 or even a Di7 sinking line. Fish trough several layers in the water column to check what depth the active fish are. It’s also best to try different retrieving techniques. Don’t retrieve your fly at the same tempo all the time, that simply bores the fish. Try the FTA-technique (Fool Them Around). Imagine a cat or a puppy dog chasing a toy on a string. Fish your fly the same! Imagine there’s always a fish following your fly, and try to entice that fish in taking your fly. This will get you better results for sure!


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