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The Pimp

Posted on 26 July 2012 by Vincent

A new fly, every Thursday from now on. Let’s kick this thing off with a killer pattern!

As you might have noticed we fish a lot on Lake Oostvoorne. Some big bows over there. During summer months the trout feed aggressively on ragworms. Especially when the sun is going down. Lots of ragworms swim just beneath the surface and trout simply love them! For this moment I have this special pattern: The Pimp!

We use this pattern mainly on Lake Oostvoorne, but of course, you can use this pattern everywhere there’s fish feeding on ragworms.

This fly is best fished on an extremely long fluoro-carbon leader (2x or 2,5x rod length). Cast it out, let it drift for a couple of seconds. When the long fluoro-carbon leader is starting to sink the fly (it takes about 10-20 seconds), you can start retrieving the fly. Sometimes you have to retrieve it very fast, sometimes you have to retrieve it very slow, and let it hang for a couple of seconds.

The zonker strips I use are 3mm to 5mm wide. That’s a little too wide for a fly this size. Sometimes you can get smaller sizes, but usually they are too wide. Then I take a little razor blade and cut the piece of zonker in half (lengthwise). This way you can create very slender zonker strips. The hairs on most strips are also a bit too long, that’s why I take some of the hairs off, to make it a bit more subtle.

The foam I use is a bit fragile. That’s why I use a bit of varnish to protect the foam from falling apart after catching one or two fish.

Materials used

3 Responses to The Pimp

  1. on 30 July 2012 at 07:37 Jasper Vos said:

    the pimp rules

  2. on 12 August 2012 at 18:31 Rene V. said:

    nice fly,looks like a gurgler without the front lip.

  3. on 4 April 2013 at 21:27 Cornelis said:

    Special reason for using à White piece of rabbit-fur ? À light pink is THE color ?.

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