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The Simon Templer Nymph

Posted on 13 December 2010 by Vincent

The Simon Templer Nymph, it’s without a doubt my favourite nymph! It was developed by Mr. Simon Branse for fishing the Rur in Blens. It’s an easy tie, and it catches a lot of fish all over the world!

The Simon Templer Nymph basically is an adjusted pheasant tail nymph. I tie a lot of pheasant tail style nymphs. I like the pheasant tail material: It’s cheap, it’s easy to tie with, it looks good and it catches a lot of fish! The peacock fiber is somewhat the same for me: It’s cheap, easy to tie with, looks good and catches a lot of fish. Put in a copper rib for strength and you’ve got the perfect nymph!

Well… Almost!! The “minor” adjustments in this pattern make it the very best nymph for me. The added CDC feather makes the abdomen come alive. It makes for a semi-realistic imitation of an abdomen of a hatching nymph. It looks like it’s ready to shed it’s skin. The “mirage-flash” back on the thorax gives it a very attracting feature as wel. Hatching nymphs rise to the surface using an air bubble. The Mirage-flash imitates this bubble very well. I like to fish deep when fishing nymphs. I hardly ever use normal gold-beads. The heaviĆ«r tungsten beads are my favourite.

You can fish this fly with several nymphing methods. I use it for czech nymphing, upstream nymphing and swinging nymphs. It has proven to be succesfull with all methods. Give this one a try, you won’t regret it!

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2 Responses to The Simon Templer Nymph

  1. on 25 April 2013 at 13:33 Ronald said:

    Hi Vincent, just wanted to let you know that the Simon Templer is my personal favorite as well… I tie them on a size 12 Partridge YH1A hook, in 3 different weights, i.e. with a 3 mm brass bead, with a 3 mm tungsten bead and with a 3 mm tunsten bead plus 10 windings of lead wire (0,015″). I can keep the 3 weights apart by applying a small bit of paint to the eye of the hook; Red for the heaviest version, orange for the ones with only the tungsten bead and green for the ones with the brass beads.
    If I were allowed to only take one nimph with me, it would be the Simon Templer, as they have caught me fish everywere!

    • on 26 April 2013 at 20:42 Vincent said:

      Hi Ronald, great to hear you are a fan of the Simon Templer too. A great nymph. And indeed, if I was to take one nymph with me on any river in the world, it would be the Simon Templer. Good idea about those different weights!

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