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Whatup – New V5 design!

Posted on 7 December 2012 by Vincent

POW! A new and fresh design! How ’bout that?

Empty Red Bull cans and pizza boxes are lying all around the office, it was a long haul. But it’s finished! Read on for some more details…

We feel like we have more stuff to share with you guys and gals than we used to do. However, our old website didn’t have any room for such small talk. Only room for hardcore content. Now, with our V5 design (yeah… V5 already!), we made sure there’s some space to share our small-talk with you.

There’s also room for comments in the small talk after the read-more, or if you click the title if there’s no read-more button. So if you have anything that’s worth saying, leave it in the comments!

In V5 we’ve made the design responsive. Meaning it is optimized for various screen sizes. Have a big ass 27″ iMac? No worries, your screen will be filled with all kinds of 0031-goodness. Viewing the website on a small mobile device? No problem! We’ve reduced the design to fit small screens when viewing trough a mobile device. Wanna see this functionality in acion? Try to resize your browser window, and see the magic happen.

The site supports all major browsers, except Internet Explorer 7 or below. There are however a lot of details and animations that simply won’t work in ANY Internet Explorer version.  So please, update to a real browser! If you’re using Internet Explorer 7 or below you just ran out of luck. Besides, what era are you living in?

New items besides the small-talk and the responsive design, are the ability to browse the website trough “tags”. So if you find a topic you like, it’s easier to check if there’s more content on the subject. Another new thing is the Facebook App in the sidebar.

Enjoy the new website, and be sure to leave a comment!

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